Artist Statement

Now, more than ever, the future is heaped with choices our youth are destined to face.   As concerned adults, the responsibility of preparing them to meet the challenges rests solely in our hands.   Our Youth are the most important elements in the universe, our most precious jewels, the future…therefore, it is imperative our children are nurtured with principles and values that enhance their potential to become independent thinkers, capable of visualizing clearly the decisions they will have to make.

Parents’ fondest dreams are for their children to become honest, loving, and responsible adults, actively contributing to the forward movement of the community.  As I reflect on my childhood, my first memories are of the wonderful storytelling sessions between my mother and myself; a special, tender moment, at bedside, being taught to count, sing my ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…I listened to stories of my ancestry and how things used to be and became inspired.  It was in such simple, humble beginnings, a sense of self, as well as, the principles of respect and responsibility were instilled.

Storytelling is the perfect format for jump-starting a child’s imagination, introducing core values and educating them to the wonders of the universe.

Peace and Blessings…