Storyteller – The Griot…

“In Africa, Storytelling is a shared experience, a time honored Tradition that captures the imagination and draws all cultures together, to listen, to each other.  This nurturing process must begin immediately, at conception, and continue through the generations”.

The African Storyteller, Musician, Historian, Poet, Teacher, Chronicler of Tradition…  Madafo tells classic tales for the young and elder, recites poetry written by the masters and plays the music of the sage.  The works of Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Kahlil Gibran and other favorite authors are presented in this delightful and insightful program of timeless laughter, folk literature and song.

Madafo is a featured presenter at festivals, workshops and concerts throughout USA, Africa and Europe.  He  is an experienced performer of stage, radio, television and film.